Cross Promoting and Collaborating in Kettle Falls

How we got here...

In the Fall of 2021, we began working with Locable to launch a website and implement an overall marketing push.

The Goal: Create a simple yet contemporary website that is easier for volunteers to manage and, subsequently, improve our ability to promote merchants, local events and activities, and support the community.

Local businesses, nonprofits, and other local organizations around Kettle Falls are now participating because of these primary benefits:

  1. Enable Kettle Falls Area Chamber to promote members automatically to reach more people with automatic distribution of upcoming events, offers/coupons, job opportunities, business information in the directory, and more

  2. Enable the merchants and organizations to promote each other and events on their existing websites thus Supporting the community - automatically

  3. Provide free Locable Marketing Tools to enable each of the merchants and organizations to promote themselves online

  4. To tap into their Local Connections™ to drive exposure, reach, and referrals through other local organizations in the region

Ready to join the fun with your business or nonprofit?

Join Businesses & Nonprofits In and Around Kettle Falls - It's Free

Do you run a business or nonprofit in or around Kettle Falls?

Great! Then you can participate!!!

Getting Started

  • Take 3-minutes to register: ensure your information is correct and start using the free tools.

  • Be sure to confirm your email address and bookmark your dashboard in your browser so you can quickly return at any time.

We can help you get started and Locable will assist you with whatever you need if you'd like a hand or get stuck!

You can get help once you create your account or directly using and [email protected]

Add a community calendar to your website; promote your events, offers, and more to appear on local websites (like this one) all for free!

Get Started Now

Q. Is this program limited to businesses and nonprofits located in Kettle Falls?

A. No. You do not have to be within Kettle Falls to participate. You'll want to connect with Kettle Falls or other participating organizations to learn more about the sorts of organizations they'll promote and any other criteria that they may have.

Q. Is there a fee to participate?

A. Participation in the program is entirely free.

Q. Is it just about events?

A. No. In addition to the calendar, your account provides the information that appears on local directories such as the Kettle Falls Area Chamber directory, you can post offers/coupons/sales, job openings, volunteer opportunities, and more. Likewise, you can support the community with Support Local directories, job boards, volunteer opportunity boards, etc.

Q. Can individual real estate professionals, hairstylists, or others who are part of a larger organization participate?

A. Absolutely. Your company or office should create an account but the individual professionals are also welcome to participate.